Thursday, January 28, 2010


I have been reading on other Ladies blogs about what they will do for Lent. Have you decided what you will do? How about the kids? This year we will be focusing on doing for others instead of giving something up. I am still in the staging plans but plan to spend a lot of time working on this tomorrow. One thing that I know we will be doing is 40 days of giving. I am making bingo cards, each day or 2 times a day whatever I end up deciding, we will draw a bingo number, all the cards will have the same numbers just different placement, you will then make it off and then do what the card says. Like give up a toy, piece of clothing ect... I will then give them a choice, give it to good will or a like charity or sell it. We do swap meets so they can take it with and try to sell it. But here is the catch they can not have the money, at the end of Lent any money they raised from doing this they will then need to donate some where. And to make it a little more fun when you get a bingo you will get something, like pick out a movie to watch, have a sleep over with siblings on the pull out couch, this is a very coveted thing in our house : ) We will also be doing a sacrifice jar and a Lent cross, which is like a Jesse tree but for Lent. We will also try to make one quilt each to donate to a charity a send quilts to. I might even try to get us out volunteering with a senior center and the animal shelter. And of course we will pray!! Let me know what you have planned.

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