Friday, January 15, 2010

making paint

We decided to make paint the other day, we did this for brownies but have also done this for school.
the recipe we used is very simple. you take a mason jar (if you do not own mason jars any jar with a tight screw lid works, you could also just use a cup and stir it, although it might be clumpy and is not as fun) fill it about half way with water add food color to make the color you want, we do primary colors and then mix the paint to make any other colors they need. screw on the lid and give it a shake, next you remove the lid and add regular baking flour (you could probably use wheat flour if that is all you have) I will start off by adding 3-5 TBSP, screw lid on tight and let your kid shake it!! For about 1-2 minutes, remove lid and then test it by dipping your paint brush in it when you pull the paint brush out you can tell if it needs a little more shaking or more flour, that part is dependent on how you like your paint. Grab some paper and enjoy!!! This paint will last at least a couple of weeks if kept in the jar with the lid on, next time you want to use it just give it a shake and you are ready to go.