Tuesday, January 19, 2010


 Well I have joined another home school group from our area, they are very active, meet at different times during the week and you just go to the ones that are things you would like to do and work for your schedule. And from what I've read about the members I think this will be a much better fit for us.
We have not done much school work this week, I gave everyone some handwriting, worksheets and some workbook pages to do. I have been so busy this week and it's only Tuesday, haha. I feel a little guilty when we don't have "school" time each day, but that is part of why we do this to learn in different ways, and different things and to "break" when we need to.
I really need to do some picking up and organizing around here, it drives me bonkers when the house is messy.
I hope to finish my conversion story tonight or tomorrow.
I was just fitted for a tiara, and in case you were wondering i need a big one. so says my youngest daughter.
I will be off to the fabric store soon to get some new patterns and some supplies, I have a lot of sewing to do.
I have decided to hit some up coming craft shows and swap meets to sell my wears, if any one knows of some good ones in the NE area of Illinois let me know.
I have been taking some new pictures for my profile picture, most of them did not turn out. But I think I might use one any way.

Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use words. - St. Francis of Assisi