Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I just wanted to rant a little

So today we were out with at my youngest daughters Brownie meeting and I had asked, not really to anyone, that 2 chairs be brought over to the table. Now my son being the gentlemen that I am trying to teach him to be got up and grabbed 2 chairs. Now this is where my ranting starts, another mom stops him tells him to put the chairs back and tells the girls to get up and get them "because they are perfectly able to get chairs by themselfs". I am a little upset by this and tell the other mom, "he did that because I am always telling him to be like a gentlemen". Now the other mom gets loud and says "that is all fine and good and maybe if this wasn't Girl Scouts but we are girls and are empowered(she practically shouted that word) we do not need men to do things for us we are girls, and we will do things by ourselfs!!!!" and she wasn't saying this in a nice way it was a disrespectful way to men. I was very upset by this because my son was there and just trying to do as he is being raised and then to be yelled at for it... after her out burst I really did not know what to say, I just dropped it and moved on with the meeting. It really makes me upset to think that some people will knock him just for being a good person. Or think that he is putting women down when he is just trying to be nice. And so what if we are Girl Scouts, that means we can't let men or boys be nice to us??? I was going to try to finish out the year( we had already decided to drop from girl scouts, for to many reasons to list right now ) but if we are going to have to deal with stuff like this I might just drop now. Like a friend says the commune is looking better and better!
Thanks for letting me rant.