Sunday, January 24, 2010

LEGOs and St. Paul

We did not do much "schooling" last week and we have been in a little bit of a rut since before the holidays, so we are starting tomorrow off with a bang. I found a LEGO figures print out  over at Waltzing Matilda and got so excited about it I decided to do a LEGO day. We will have some LEGO math, by making fractions and doing some sorting, we will also do some LEGO multiplication. The fractions we will make lets say 3/4, they will show me 3/4 by connecting 3 red and 1 blue. I will have them sort in to color piles, size piles, and may sort into a sub group, like of the red pile sort by size. For the multiplication I was thinking of doing 2 different things, 1 I will have them grab 2 handfuls of LEGOs and multiply them, then I also thought of lining up a few LEGOs and we could work on order of operations, I will use pipe cleaners to make parentheses, I will be limited by the numbers because I plan on having the number they work with be the number of nubs (the part of the LEGO that locks into the one on top of it) on each LEGO. I am going to have a LEGO maze contest, we will see who can make the most complicated maze out of LEGOs. And we will make ourselves into LEGO figures.
As for the feast of The Conversion of St. Paul, I print out this color page. And we will read from The One Year Book of Saints, Fifty-Seven Saints for Boys and Girls, The Communion of Saints: Sanctity Through the Centuries. We will read from Symbols of our Faith about why St. Paul's symbol is the open Scriptures over a unsheathed sword. We will draw our own pictures of his symbol and paint them using our homemade paint. We will review the names of the Sacred Vessels by doing a matching game. Corinthians 16:13-14 will be our handwriting, and we will pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Rosary. Sounds like a pretty full and exciting day to me. Now I just have to get all the things I need in order so the day flows smoothly.
 Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use words. - St. Francis of Assisi