Tuesday, October 23, 2012

a little something to make you smile :0}

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Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use words. - St. Francis of Assisi

Friday, October 5, 2012

Field trips and First Friday

We have tried to take advantage of living so close to St. Louis, only about 20 minutes to downtown, be forewarned this post contains A LOT of pictures ;0)
 We passed this "silver" tree in Forest Park. The kids thought maybe the overlaid a real tree. My thought is the whole thing was created as art. We did not see any plaque or sign stating why it was there, but it was outside the Art Museum, hence my guess :)
 This is a very beautiful statue of St. Louis. I love the rays of sunshine in this picture.
 We went to the zoo, the kids were made wanted to sit and have their picture taken as soon as we walked in. I did tell them from now on if they let me have 1 picture at a picture worthy spot, I will not force ask them to take a million pictures all day. This is for their benefit as well as mine a have more then a few pictures :)
 This guy cracked me up, he just swam there like that, maybe he was tired of people watching him, so he decided to watch people instead, lol.
 The monkeys were kind of sad looking, they just sat there next to the window....sitting.
 We had some very nice days, and the girls picnicked outside on our patio. More to come on the boxes stacked next to the door, hopefully this weekend I will have time to post.
 The History Museum hosts a "homeschool day" once a month. They have crafts and some other events, 1 of them being yoga? yeah, I thought that was weird too. But we went and opted out of the yoga, once we got there we realized it was geared towards much younger kids, but we stayed and had fun anyway.
 Playing dress up :)
 Once hubby found this place (be complete accident, he had to run an errand at work and just happen to pass it) he knew it was a place that a certain little girl would love to go and check out.
 And this beautiful old church is where we will be attending Mass today on this perfect (praise God) fall day. There was a caption in the church bulletin about homeschool first Friday Mass with sack lunch and fellowship after!! Exactly what we have been looking for, a group that just hangs out no commitment and they are Catholic ;0) Now please God let there be some kids there my kids ages!!! (every group we have checked out has all young (8 and down) aged kids.

Don't quote me, but last night while the boy was at Boy Scouts (our church is about 5 blocks from this gem and his troop is through the parish) and me and the girls were checking out and when I say checking out I mean taking a million pictures and looking in every window we could reach, ;0) But anywho.....I believe this is the old church/convent of St Rose Philippine Duchesne, she started a mission here in our town with a school.  I am very excited to attend Mass here, the kids are very excited to meet some new friends. Blessings on this wonderful First Friday!

Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use words. - St. Francis of Assisi