Monday, February 1, 2010


Outside my window... snow is starting to come down, and it's 21 degrees. Only 20 cooler outside then inside.

I am thinking... about getting the furnace fixed and wondering if my landlord will call about the furnace, hoping it's soon, but I am also thinking "I wonder how much this will save us on the next bill."

I am thankful for...shelter and warm clothes, our furnace stopped working and boy is it cold in here, but at least we have warm clothes to layer on and shelter from the wind.

I am wearing... tank top, thermal shirt, fluffy sweater, and my husbands old sweat shirt. Sweat pants under my heaviest jeans skirt, knee socks, fuzzy socks and thermal socks. and a scarf!

I am remembering... To praise God in the bad times as well as the good. And to offer up my suffering for those who are truly in need.

I am get our taxes done today, at least they have heat.

I am currently reading... what about collage, how homeschooling leads to admission to the best collage and universities and other home / un-schooloing books.

I am hoping... our taxes come in soon

On my or not to do this home school group or not, it is about $200 and will cost about $300 in gas to go back and forth if not more. it sounds like a great group and they do great things, and its all Catholic, but that is a ton oh money!!!

Noticing that... it's really not that bad with out heat if you bundle, bundle, bundle.

From the kitchen...Jesus bread, sour dough starter, sweet potato bread and for dinner pot roast veggies and biscuits.

Around the house... the girls decided to make a fort in the basement, so they are sweeping and dusting. my son is collecting boxes form the little store on the corner to use in  making a race car track.

From my picture journal...
she really wanted a seagull to come eat out of her hand, she sat there trying to get one to come to her for about an hour.

Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use words. - St. Francis of Assisi