Wednesday, January 20, 2010

conversion part 2

O.k. so I let off where we were attending the Church we do now, I started rcia in the fall of that year and I'll tell you I could really have cared less about going. I was only going because I thought if my husband and children were Catholic I might as well be too. I spent most of the first part of the year trying to find a reason so that I couldn't go, maybe the kids were sick or I had a headache. Around Christmas of that year I started to not mind going to rcia and was actually liking it. In January I was diagnosed with uterine and cervical cancer. The people at rcia prayed for me and I was happy they did then the deacon and his wife who teach rcia asked if the Priest could came and pray over me. And I laughed a little on the inside, but said o.k. The next week after class the deacon, his wife, and Father stayed after class to pray for me, They started by giving me Holy Water from Lourdes to drink no less, I was a bit shocked that I was really supposed to drink it. Then they laid hands on me and Father started to pray, I could barely hear him he prayed so quite and I don't know what he said, but as soon as he started praying, I can't even describe it. I felt like I could not even breathe. It was truly a Holy experience. I wasn't quite sure what to make of it afterwards. But then Father came to the house the day before my surgery, I gad a complete hysterectomy and had my ovaries taken as well. I am fine by the way the cancer had not spread and I required no further treatment. And when he prayed over me, I could not receive the anointing of the sick because I was not Catholic at the time,  I felt that same Holy, God is with you, washed over by the Holy Spirit feeling. When I was waiting for them to put me under for surgery the next day, I just laid there in the operating room praying, "Jesus I trust in you" over and over until I was put under. It was that day that I really decided to Love God as I came to realize that He loved me. And I have spent my days since then trying to please God and do His will. I was going to be received into the church that year but because I was off for my surgery I missed the Easter Vigil. So I went back to rcia the next year and loved it. And I came into the church last year. Since turning my life over to God I have felt His love everywhere and in everything I do. It amazes me every time I have a God moment, and I love teaching my children about our faith, the saints, and spreading the Good News.

Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use words. - St. Francis of Assisi