Friday, January 15, 2010

reasons I love my kids

  • the other day my son comes up to me, rosary in hand and asks me if I have a paper that tells him how to pray it by himself
  • my son decided to carry a rosary and sacrifice beads in his pocket to remind him to do good, and he is using them!
  • when asked at brownies what her favorite thing she received for Christmas was my youngest daughter says, "I had my whole family at my house all day"
  • my middle daughter decided to become a pen pal with a nun
  • she also decided to make rosaries to give to people who did not have them so the whole world can pray the rosary, could this be some guidance from the Holy Mother???
These are the things that make all the times they fuss and don't listen well worth it!!! And it makes me soooo happy I have been blessed with the vocation of motherhood!!!