Saturday, February 27, 2010

give-o and unschooling

This is our give-o board, played like bingo-o only when you have a number that is called you donate the item that is on that square. As you can see this one has been started, when you have a number that is called you can put a sticker on, after your item makes it in the donate box.


I used a piece of graph paper and labeled the squares with the items I thought each child had the most to donate or with things I know that they don't play with and it just hasn't made it out of the house yet. I also had some of the squares say "your time" you can do anything you want for this one as long as you are give your time in a way that is above and beyond. Some examples we gave the kids are, shoveling the neighbors walk, walking the dog with out being asked, helping with the quilt for charity. The ones that look like hands say "bigger" and "smaller" you chose something bigger or smaller then your hand. And so far the kids love it they are very excited to play each day, with makes me love it even more then I did.
As for schooling we have not done much lately, after deciding to try unschooling, I thought we might take a few weeks and work on life skills and chillin' out. Each day I try to work on 1 chore with 1 child to make sure they are doing it well and make sure they know the best and easiest way to do it. We have been playing give-o and helping mommy clean out closets ect... We all have been reading alot and talking about Lent and what it is all about. Our library has backpack kits, that have books and activities in them that are on 1 subject so I have been letting the kids check those out and of course they have been very busy playing with toys,  homemade play-doh, making more clay and play-doh and just being kids. All in all it has been a very calm few weeks, and sometime soon we will be getting into a more structured day, I was thinking maybe next week start with a morning rhythm and have free time in the afternoon so I can continue cleaning out and catching up with my sewing.
I will really try to post more often, after all that is why I started blogging!   

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