Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wow, it's been awhile

Well it's been something like 2 weeks since I posted last. I have been a combination of busy and sick. We are having our new church dedicated this Sunday and being lead Sacristan I have been to many meetings and doing a lot of planing these last few weeks. And this week I felt horrible. Today is the first day I have felt good. Which is good because tomorrow will be busy. My oldest 2 serve the early Mass and then we will stay to set up for the dedication Mass. I am excited about the dedication but also very nervous, I hope I don't forget to do something. I have been Sacristan for about 3 weeks, which is how long we have been planing the dedication Mass. I wish I had other Masses to prepare for before this. And we did not have a Sacristan before this so I am learning as I go. Not to mention that Ash Wednesday is only 3 days later.
Speaking of Ash Wednesday, we started our Lent activity early this year so we would sort of be done by Holy Week, that way we could fully enjoy that week. We are signed up forHoly Heros Lenten Adventure. And that will start Fat Tuesday, we are doing a bingo game of giving, I will post pictures later. But it is basically bingo but when they get a number, like i-7 then they give up whatever is on that square. Somethings are, a stuffed animal, your time, something bigger then your hand. And each week we change the board. They get up each morning, "can we play give-o" supper excited about giving up there things. Who would have guessed. We are doing this in place of the usual giving up candy, ect... So everything they give up has to be in good condition so it can be donated. We will also do a Lenten Cross. It is similar to the Jesse Tree. It is in the shape of a cross and each day you add a picture to it, and it follows the Old Testament prophecies and their fulfillment in the New Testament. I think we will get pretty in to this considering the age of my kids. I also want to focus this lent on clearing out the junk from the house, all that stuff that you look at and think why do I still have that, and then just move it out of your way.
Needless to say a busy/sick as I have been we have not done much in the way of "school" we did manage a trip to the library. And the kids did read quite a bit, and spent a lot of time on their educational games for the computer. I am hoping to get some new shelves this week so I can finish reorganizing my school and sewing rooms. I think it will help me to get sewing projects done and help to do some schooling if everything is more accessible and organized. 

Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use words. - St. Francis of Assisi