Wednesday, February 24, 2010


SUCCESS!!!  my new washer is hooked up and running, and my husband only broke 1 finger in the process! The washer slipped when he was bringing it down the basement stairs and he caught his pointer finger on his left hand and broke it. So other then the guilt from his finger I am really excited about the washer, it is super quite and the clothes come out almost dry. When it does the finial spin you can tell it is going super fast. I did a load of towels, it fits at least 2x as many towels, and then I only had to dry them for 20 minutes and they were dry, all of them! I am so excited about all the money I will be saving, it uses less water, I can fit in more in 1 load and drying time! WOW! I am super happy and will be saying an extra prayer of thanksgiving tonight.

These are some old pictures but thought I'd share them anyway,

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