Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A garden for Mary

I posted yesterday, that I was reading A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms  Mary was the first saint, in this really awesome book. Each chapter has suggested activities to do with the kids, and Mary's was a Mary garden. January in Illinois, probably not the best time to start a garden. We needed a new center piece for your dining room table, we have been changing it according to the season or holiday and the kids have been making them. So we decided to make Mary be our center piece and make her a rose garden.
First we got our supplies, the large pink octagon is the base for our roses, the green circles are our leaves and I used my quilting ruler to trace 4 inch squares out of construction paper, the little slips left over I threw in our bookmark box.

 we rounded the corners then drew a spiral in the squares, cut along that spiral and rolled it up, gave it a pinch and then glued it the our leaves.

 We used the dessert plate to make Mary's garden 2 tiered.
 We glued our roses on to the base, I put a book on top to hold them down in the glue to make sure they really stuck.

 She said "mom, let me take your picture, you look beautiful" how could I say no to that :)
I sprayed a little craft glue all over it when we were done to be sure the roses really stuck, and the girls sprinkled glitter on the bottom roses. It was a fun afternoon craft and a wonderful center piece!
St. Mary pray for us

Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use words. - St. Francis of Assisi