Sunday, January 1, 2012

3in30 challenge

3in30 Challenge

#1. To clean and sort through my sewing supplies and make a project list with all my UFOs and
all the things I want to make and then matching that list with the fabric and the notions needed for each project. The remaining fabric will be packed in a box. And then I will repeat the processes each time my project list has been completed.

#2. To stay on schedule with our school work!!! This is a biggie. We are almost always off schedule for 1 reason or another. So part of this will be when it is school time we do school! I have created a schedule for our day and my challenge is to STICK to it!!! *Prayers appreciated :)

#3. To have the dining room table and living room clean and picked up each day before I go to bed. It is not a good start to the day when I have to spend 30 minutes cleaning up so we can eat breakfast or looking for my school planner so we can start school. And for whatever reason those 2 places always get cluttered.

Wish me luck :) are you doing 30 in 30? If you are I would love to hear what your 3 are. God bless

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