Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bashing my stash!!!

I'm bashing my stash!! Yay!!! This is actually something I have been wanting to do for a while, but never got the motivation to actually do. Then when I saw this 3 in 30 challenge I decided to take the plunge and made 1 of my 3, to organize the stash and dig out all my unfinished projects. I even found these cute little girls I had forgotten all about.
But then when I saw Crunchy Catholic Momma was doing this year long stash bash link up, to say I was excited doesn't cover it :)
So I organized the best I could packing away 10, 20 gallon bins of fabric. And keeping only 5 bins out to work with. As I sorted I tried to think of projects I was wanting to do, make a list of the top ones, (including the un-finished projects) and tried to match up the fabric I wanted with the list. I started with a few quick and easy projects to get me pumped up and make me feel some sort of accomplishment.

I had this little box I had gotten who knows where, with a cracked glass top, so I super glued a piece of card stock on the top to keep the glass in place, because I couldn't get it out, then mog poged this picture on top to hold a few rosaries on my dresser.

I picked this cute fabric and pattern to make a bear for a sweet little girl I know,

I found these lids and corks and pumps in a bag my grandma gave me, so I made a soap dispenser for the kitchen. I have been meaning to for a while, and I had all the supplies the whole time! I used this glass peanut butter jar I had gotten from my great grandma YEARS ago, that she had for YEARS. you cant see it but it has an elephant on it.

and lastly I mog poged a tin coffee can to use to hold things on my sewing table, I had just a scrap of this cute fabric left and wanted to do something with it so I could look at it a lot.

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