Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cherished Hearts at Home link-up

Linking-up with Gae over at Cherished Hearts at Home, to list a few ways I am encouraging my family, and keeping my Heart at Home what are you doing this week to keep your Heart at Home?

After reading this wonderful post by Erica, I am trying to  bless my children with yes!!!! And it is amazing how often I catch my self saying, no, no, no. I am so glad to have read that post. I want to encourage my children and I never thought about how much I say NO, or how much of a disheartening word it really is!

I am reading Lisa Hendey's book A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms And it looks like it is a wonderful book full of great ideas for moms and kids I can't wait to get started. We will be doing a few "rose" crafts in honor of our Blessed Mother. Along with praying the rosary.

I am keeping my dining room table clean and clear at all times. with the exception of some one actually sitting there doing something. But as soon as you stand up you need to take your things with you and put them away. This is actually part of my 3 in 30. But having a clear  table means we can all sit down to eat every meal together, which to me is very important. It gives us time to just relax and talk and listen to each other.

I am un-friending a few people from my facebook. How does this help me to keep my Heart at Home you may ask? Well the people I am un-friending have VERY different views then our family. And although we have been friends for longer then some of my children have been alive :) it is time to part ways, I do not like who I am with them, some times because I get very angry with some of their posts, which causes my to be short with my family because I am so upset.  Other times because their drama just spills into our home. Either way it does not let me be the light of Christ that I want to be. I also noticed that I am trying to change them because I feel it's my job to make them believe in God. And as 1 friend pointed out, "they already have a savior, and His name is Jesus Christ" ;) So I am giving it up to God, because he can do all things.
God bless

Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use words. - St. Francis of Assisi