Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Color Me Catholic, Roman Missal Activity Book

We recieved a preview copy of the New Roman Missal Activity Book from Equipping Catholic Families to review. We started using it this past week on the first Sunday of the new year. (My plan had been to start it earlier but with holiday craziness we just didnt find the time :) The Activity contains 10 booklets that are printed out by you, then colored and cut for booklets by your childrten. And then taken to Mass so that they can keep track of what is going on. Each booklet has the Mass parts to follow along with and then on the flip side of the pages has a different theme, like "vestments" So that your children learn not only the Mass parts but also the common terms of the different places, and items used in the Mass. Over all I like the idea of these booklets.  They are well drawn, easy to use, and informative .Each week we will color and review the new booklet in preperation foe Sunday's Mass. Once we have finished the 10 booklets we will continue to review the terms and and I am sure my 10 year old will continue to take them to church with her.y come with a little folder that you color to store your booklet. All that being said... here is my review for book 1...my 10 year old loved them and followed along easily with the booklet. All the children enjoyed coloring the bookletsand learning (or seeing who knew and who didnt know) the terms in them. My son was asked to serve when we got to church so he did not use it and my older daughter, almost 13 year old, flipped through her booklet before Mas started but did not use it during the service. My 10 year old, who is a missal user :) used the booklet through the Mass and liked it. So far I would say if your kid is a missal user , or uses thier Mass book then these would be great. But even if they do not use it  during Mass, coloring the booklets, talking about it when you put them together, your children would still learn a great deal. So far I give this product 2 BIG thumbs up!! I will continue to post each Tuesday about the booklets we did for the Sunday past. Hopefully with pictures, but blogger has been acting very strange on my computer, so I didnt get the pictures loaded on. God bless

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