Tuesday, July 5, 2011

going into the desert...

after reading Melissa's post here, I realized I live in a food desert, although I can drive and in anywhere from 30-60 minutes be at a store that sells good, organic food that is a long drive round trip plus the time of shopping, cost of gas etc... plus the stores are pretty pricey. So we grow a garden to help somewhat and make do or buy whatever, even if it is not something I would normally buy, coupons don't help much because I got on a kick of buying whatever I got a good deal on, which equals crap food, with a son who has food intolerance's I really need to watch what we eat especially after a vacation at my moms where he ate whatever and now feels like junk!!! so I am off to ALDI to see what I can find, they are about 5 blocks from us, and then to the new HYVEE while my son has a therapy appointment, I am trying to combine trips and time as much as possible!!

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