Saturday, July 16, 2011

Feast days and meal planning

I was just over at Catholic Cuisine, getting tons of ideas for my next month of meal planning, if you have not checked it out, go right now! it has super fun recipes. while I was doing this I was also texting a friend who was kind of shocked I plan a whole month at a time. She said she just wings it each day. I was amazed, "how do you know what to buy" "how do you know what to take out of the frezzer" "what if you want are making tacos and realize you have no cheese" these are the questions running through my mind. But I am  a planner, and I could not wing it, it would stress me out, and add to my spending. She has no problem winging it, and either goes without cheese or runs to pick it up. What kind of shopper/meal maker are you?

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