Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saint Joan, The Girl Saint. a book review

Saint Joan, The Girl Soldier written by Louis de Wohl, illustrated by Harry Barton, published by Ignatius Press, part of the Vision Book Series, 166 pages. I can not say enough great things about the Vision Book Series. These are a wonderfully written series on the lives of much loved Catholic saints. They are a must have for any Catholic home, and especially any home schooling family. "Saint Joan" is a very reader friendly book, 5th grade and up, with the exception of the very French last names, which were very hard for us to pronounce. Girls will love to read this book, of course, as they learn how Joan of Arc commanded, and fought along side her army. Boys will love to read this book, as it is mostly about war. Parents will love for their children to read about Joan's complete obedience to and love for God and her willingness to bend to God's will in all things. Even as Joan was being tried for heresy, she never doubted her love for God. This a fantastic book for home schooling families, and could be used as the base for a unit study on France or Saint Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc was a tremendously brave girl, she commanded armies, made grown men change their bad habits to good, won wars, and crowned a king. She was betrayed by the country she helped set free, and the church she loved. She was found guilty and burned at the stake, all before the age of 20, and with out ever doubting God's love or will for her life. I would recommend this book for all children to read, for Saint Joan was truly a wonderful role model.

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