Sunday, July 8, 2012

From Sea to Shining Sea, The Story of America, a book review

From Sea to Shining Sea, The Story of America published by Ignatius Press, part of the Catholic Schools Textbook Project. 20 chapters with an index, 462 pages. "From Sea to Shining Sea" is a 5th grade U.S. history book, that also incorporates the Catholic impact on the shaping of the U.S. This textbook covers early voyages of St. Brendan from fifth century Ireland to the new world. As well as the Vikings, Eric the Red and Leif the Lucky. It also goes into detail of the son of King Owain of Wales, Madoc. And the very welsh looking Indians that later settlers found. The textbook, continues through the Spanish conquistadors, the French and Indian war, And the early colonies. Right through to the early part of the 1900's. Each chapter includes vocabulary words in bold print, pictures with captions, and easy to read sections. Each chapter, and ends with a summary, chapter checkpoint, followed by activities you can do and a short paragraph titled American larder, which gives you a glimpse into the eating habits of the people during that time period. An Index is included in the back of the book. This is an excellent history textbook for either Catholic schools, or the Catholic home school setting. The book is set up in a very user friendly set up. I was so happy to find this book, it's great for my kids to learn how Catholic's impacted the growth of our country, either through their discoveries or in some cases through their martyrdom. Saints and religious are featured through this textbook. I do not have the teachers manual for this book, but have not in any way found that in any way to be a hindrance to planning my child's school lessons with this book.
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