Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This has been one of those weeks where I need to decide if its worth the fight. My son who is 12 just has not wanted to do his work, he has just a bit to catch up on, really an hour or so of work if he would just sit down and do it, and he is just not willing to do, fussing and asking to take a break after not doing anything for 2 hours. So do I make him sit and do the work?? Or say this is why we home school so that when he is having an off week he can step back, put the work down and come back to it with renewed interest. The thing is I want him to get it done so we can be down except the little bit of group work we do after our morning bible study, I have tons of things racing through my mind, and would love to be able to say; school, CHECK so I have one less thing to think about.
V.B.S.is only 2 weeks away and I have so much to do still, next week will be a busy one.
Over at wardrobe refashion I got tons of ideas and can not wait to start sewing!! oh, if only there were more hours in the day, or I didn't need to sleep, : )

Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use words. - St. Francis of Assisi