Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday- Sewing Projects

This Top Ten is my sewing projects that I am working on right know. Complete with pictures : ) my list is in no order, other then what came to mind first. All projects are in various stages of completion, so you may have to use your imagination on some... but it might get me working harder on some of them so I can do a follow up post. And if you want to join the Top Ten fun, head over to ohamanda to link up.

#1 This little jacket and matching dress and purse for a way too cute 2 year old I know.

#2 I used a old woman's knit top to make this little skirt, and the matching top is an up cycled girls top also for that cute 2 year old.

#3 These quilt squares will one day keep me and the hubby warm on cold winter nights while we watch our shows in bed.

#4 This is an up cycled ladies polo shirt. I just took the sleeves and narrowed the chest a little, Viola a 3T polo dress

#5 I plan on taking in this 2X men's t-shirt and making it a M ladies T

#6 This is a skirt for my older daughter, the white with stars is a band at the bottom of the skirt, I just need to put a waist band on it.... and maybe some pockets

#7 This red white and blue will be a little girls sundress

#8 These 2 little dresses just need the bodice lining put in, add some buttons and button holes and call them done!

#9 I plan on making place mats for the girls with this, they will each have a plain color back, to match the green and pink.

#10 this is a skirt that we found at the GoodWill that was to big, and to long, sooo I chopped off the top and will add a lining and an elastic waistband.

So that is what I have been, and will be working on this week. How about you?
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