Monday, May 30, 2011

Smart Martha's, a book review

Smart Martha's Catholic Guide for Busy MomsSmart Martha's Catholic Guide for Busy Moms a book by Tammi Kiser
Over all this book was a easy read, with chapters like, Toys 'R' Taking Us Over, which gives you suggestions about keeping toys under control through which toys are meaningful, and how to organize them, and From T-Ball To Trombone, a chapter on how to keep track of all the kids activities. I would recommend this book to any mom, weather they are looking for a organizational book or not, it gives good hints for Catholic moms, without being SO Catholic that other Christan moms could not read it and use the techniques. Her techniques would work well if you have 1 toddler or 10 kids of multiple ages. She just throws out what has worked for her family, 9 kids and a husband. I linked to her web page up top along with a link to, top link. So go out and grab this book or rent it from your local library and see if you can be a Smart Martha!!

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