Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Book Review; "Please Don't Drink The Holy Water"

"Please Don't Drink The Holy Water (homeschool days, rosary nights, and other near occasions of sin)" written by Susie Lloyd, published by Sophia Institute Press. "Please Don't Drink The Holy Water" is absolutely the funniest book I have read in a long time! Mrs. Lloyd will have you rolling on the floor and at the same time wondering if she has been watching through your living room windows.
Mrs.Lloyd's book is completely relatable with chapters like; The Top Ten Things That Resist Societal Change, The T.V. Starved Family, My Other Car Is A Home School Bus, Family Prayer: An Occasion of Sin, and Family Vacations (and other ways to punish your kids). You will find your self laughing out loud for the mere fact that what she has written happened to you just yesterday. Mrs. Loyd talks about the struggles that Catholic home school moms go through on a day to day basis, but you do not need to be a home school mom to enjoy this book. Mrs. Lloyd writes about topics all moms can relate to, such as; Halloween, do you go secular, ignore it or go some where inbetween.
She gives every thing at a face value, no sugar coating it in this book, which makes it that much better. All the while not putting any one way of doing things as "better" then the other, just different and what works for their family. Which is very much appreciated. After reading tis book you will be recommending it to everyone you know, buying it for gifts and rereading it often. If you are a first time mom, or seasoned mom of 10, you will love this book. And don't forget to check out Mrs. Lloyd's other book "Bless Me Father, For I Have Kids".
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