Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Angel in the Waters, a book review

Angel in the Waters, by Regina Doman, pictures by Ben Hatke, published by Sophia Institue Press.This is a beautiful story that starts with a baby being concived in their mothers womb. The baby does not understand all that is happening to him, but then his angel is there to help guide them. Each page is accompanied by beautiful pictures that give the reader a glimpse into the stages of development of a child in the womb. Soon the baby, can hear sounds, grows arms and legs and enjoys the action of sucking their thumb, all the while feeling safe inside "mother". Pretty soon the "mother" begins to shrink, and the angel tells the baby they are growing not knowing what that is, the baby dreams of the days gone by when he was able to swim. At about this stage in the book the pictures begin to be inset with pictures of "mother" doing all the things mothers do while expecting a child, being unable to sleep, having daddy talk to her belly, and going to the doctor. Soon the baby begins to move, he turns uside down and having a feeling that something is happening. The angel confirms this by telling the baby he has grown to big, and must go soon. The baby is not scared but does not want to go to the other world as the angel calls it. But the angel comforts him by telling the baby no matter what he, the angel, will always be with the baby for his entire life, and assuring him that even if he can not see or hear him the angel is still there. Finally the baby decides there is no more room and he must go, he is sad to go but knows it is what he needs to do. After he is born he discovers that "mother" is still there, only differently. The baby does not forget his time in the waters with his angel as he discovers his new experiances. This is a beautiful story to help introduce children to the miracle of how children grow inside the womb and reinforces the fact that our guardian angel is ther from the moment of conception.

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