Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"unPlanned" book review

"unPlanned" by Abby Johnson with Cindy Lambert, CoPublished with Focus on the Family.
"unPlanned" sheds light on to Planned Parenthood's true agenda, while highlighting what a strong impression the peaceful and prayerful people can make. Abby Johnson walks you through her journey as she realizes that what has been her passion and her longing to help women, along with her own past abortions, is really doing more harm then she could have ever known. Abby Johnson shares her struggles trying to get out from the job she held as director of a Texas Planned Parenthood, and sharing how even though she had been uneasy for a time with the "business" side of Planned Parenthood Abby still felt as though she was doing all of these women a great service by keeping them from a back alley abortion. You share her pain as she comes to grips with how many lives she has helped to destroy, mostly her own two children that she had aborted while still in college. I found it very interesting as well that the other main people in this book are the founders of 40 Days For Life. So you feel as though you are getting two stories in one. But the biggest impression that this book left on me was how ruthless Planned Parenthood was, and I can only imagine still is. You will see Planned Parenthood as they truly are, told to you by someone who for many years was their biggest supporter. By someone who thought that Planned Parenthood was very much the biggest helper to all of womanhood. And you will watch as Planned Parenthood does every thing it can to hurt Abby Johnson. But with the grace God, and help from family and friends you see as Abby triumphs.
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