Friday, March 30, 2012

Stash Bash 3/30/12

I had some help with my stash bash this week. She is making a pilgrim dress to go along with her history lesson. I have decided that with each main time period she studies we will make a costume to along with it. I easily have enough in my stash to accommodate at least through the rest of the year.

I ended up sewing around this mess all day :( I just didn't feel like clearing  it away. Mainly because there is no where to put it. I have 2 closets dedicated to my sewing stash, and 15 storage tubs in my storage unit filled with my stash. Can you say support group???

I finished this cute dress with matching hair bow to take to market over the summer. 

Same for this boy's romper. It will be for market, as soon as I get some snaps for the legs.

I am thinking about making a bunch of these in different saints. And a Jesus, Mary and Joseph. 

This is for a sweet little girl over in Michigan I know. As soon as I finish the bloomers.

Have a blessed weekend!!
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